Leadership Development programmes

The programmes we have run generally consist of a series of one-day workshops over several months, using a mix of group development, skills development and project work relating to specific issues participants are facing. We don't have a standard approach to this, so each programme is bespoke, and tends to evolve with its own particular dynamics. We often co-design with internal facilitators.


Mentoring involves helping someone to develop their potential (particularly at pivotal stages in their careers) through evaluating options, acquiring organizational savvy, thinking strategically and making critical decisions. The mentor-mentee relationship works best when it is soundly structured, and when mentors realise how they can benefit themselves from the relationship. Jacinta has advised several organizations on introducing and supporting mentoring schemes.

Board facilitation

Examples include:
• Working with Boards to review performance and strategy
• Taking Boards through 360° processes and giving individual and collective feedback to enable Board members to work together more effectively
• Facilitating reviews of organizational cultures
• Helping to develop a 'no blame culture' for managing risk
• Enabling a Board to develop their equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.

Frontline & middle management development

Properly empowered frontline staff can be a tremendous force for good, but all too often this potential is being wasted. Training of frontline and middle managers has also been neglected, resulting in a dearth of basic management skills in many organizations. We will gladly work with clients who are recognize the need to remedy this and are committed to organization development at all levels.

Action Learning

Action Learning (AL) is about leaving stock answers aside and getting to grips with real problems and opportunities through a mixture of asking good questions, experimenting with learning by doing over a period of time, and reflecting upon what happens – and doing this as part of a small 'set' of people who meet at intervals to provide mutual support in the learning process. It isn't for those who want ready-made solutions or who want to be taught rather than take the risk of learning; on the other hand, AL has been used to great effect in a wide range of organizations, both public and private.

Action Learning sets usually work with a facilitator, whose role is to help them to think out loud together and to keep on track. Jacinta has run numerous AL sets, has worked with some of the leading practitioners in the field and has trained AL facilitators for Universities and NHS Trusts.

MBTI®, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI® is an exceptionally versatile instrument that provides individuals and teams with a powerful understanding of their own and others' personality styles. It is not a test of any kind, just a framework for understanding our preferences for perceiving and using information, for making decisions, and for interacting with other people. The basic idea is that we all have preferences about such things and they are stable enough for there to be distinguishable 'types'. It is widely used for both personal and team development. Reg has been a qualified practitioner since 1995. Our approach to MBTI is based on always having one-to-one confidential discussions with each participant independent of any group workshops.

Leadership Framework (LF)

Initially designed for NHS chief executives, the LF is now used extensively as a 360° feedback instrument for directors and senior mangers. The questionnaire design is clear and unambiguous. The feedback report includes an element of free text comments which individuals generally find very valuable. Jacinta has facilitated over 100 feedback reports in the last five years.

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA)

The LEA has been used extensively within the NHS, often forming part of senior management development programmes or coaching contracts. The rationale for its development was that existing instruments often failed to reflect the complexity of leadership and management roles in this context. Jacinta has incorporated the LEA into numerous development programmes and has trained others, including medical consultants, to facilitate the process within their own organizations.

Equality, diversity & human rights

A focus on this challenging agenda has been a key factor for Jacinta Elliott and Reg Walker throughout most of their working lives. In advising clients on such matters, we try to help them to move beyond mere compliance with the law and towards seeing equality and diversity as aspects of organization development and genuine corporate citizenship. While facilitating work on these issues at every level from Boards to frontline staff, we have also helped to develop resources and frameworks in support of this approach. Over the years we have also ourselves taken the lead in initiating equality and diversity-related research studies and practical projects. This line of work sometimes entails asking hard questions and delivering uncomfortable findings, but we always look for realistic ways forward.